Exod 3:13–15

Name or Description

Alleged Provenance

1. Community of the Essenes, Qumran (ca. 30 BC/20 AD–68 AD); 2. Qumran Cave 4 (68–1952); 3. Khalil Iskander Shahin (“Kando”), Bethlehem (1952–65), Lebanon (1965–69), Zürich (1969-93); 4. Private collection, Switzerland (1993–2001)

(Schøyen not dated)


4Q14 (Exodc) frg. 1a 1–3 (Eshel and Eshel 2007)

Listed by Emanuel Tov in his Revised Lists of the Texts from the Judaean Desert

4Q14 (Exodc) probable identification at pp. 22–23

Listed by Accordance

4Q14 f1a:1–3 in DSSB-C and DSSB-M


William Kando ? Schøyen Collection (2003–4)

Asking price

Purchase Price Dealer/Seller ➤ Collector/Buyer



Measurements in cm

2.5 x 2.3


Frg. Part of a Ms Edition


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Schøyen, Martin. Not dated. The Schøyen Collection: Short Description Catalogue – Dead Sea Scroll material.

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