Gen 37:26–38

Name or Description

“Butterfly fragment”

Alleged Provenance

1. Kando; 2. Cousin of Kando living in Germany; 3. Vault in Switzerland (since 1965–66)

(Fields 2011)


4Q601=4QGen37–38 (K) (Fields)

Listed by Emanuel Tov in his Revised Lists of the Texts from the Judaean Desert

Listed by Accordance


William Kando

Asking price

2008: $1.2 million (William Kando; Ganor according to Estrin 2013) 2011: €30 mill (James H. Charlesworth to Hershel Shanks 2011) 2011: $42 mill (William Kando) [Fields 2011] 2011 ? : $35–70 million (William Kando) 2013: upwards of £26 million (Lee Biondi according to Parker 2013)

Purchase Price Dealer/Seller ➤ Collector/Buyer


3 cols 22 lines(?)

Measurements in cm

22 x 40 (Fields)


Frg. Part of a Ms Edition


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