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1. Gen 13:1–3

Alleged Provenance
“These fragments [Gen 13:1–3; Words from Genesis 22; Isa 24:16–17; Isa 26:19–27:1; 1 En. 8:4–9:1] that came to Europe in the beginning of the sixties were in Lebanon with Mr. Moussa Al-Tawil for safekeeping”.

(Statement signed by William Kando, quoted by Tigchelaar 2017, 176)

Allegd Provenance 2
“… seems to come from Cave 8 (8QGen); this is because Cave 8 was discovered by Roland de Vaux himself (and not by Bedouin), leading to the conjecture that the fragment in question was stolen by one of his workers.” (Eshel 2010, 73–74)

Wrongly Identified as ([by])
8Q1 (Gen) frg. 1a 1–3 (Eshel and Eshel 2005)

Emanuel Tov, Revised Lists of the Texts from the Judaean Desert (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2010)
8Q1 (Gen) at p. 66

8Q1 f1a:1 in DSSB-C and DSSB-M

William Kando ➤ Craig (& Joel) Lampe (2003–4)

Asking price
2003: $250,000 for 4 frgs: Gen 13:1–3; “Genesis 22”; Isa 24:16–17; Isa 26:19–27:1 (William Kando)


Measurements in cm
“one square cm” (Eshel and Eshel 2005, 144–46) ? x 1.1 (?)

Image 1
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Eshel and Eshel (2005, 144–46)

Eshel, Hanan. 2010. “Gleaning of Scrolls from the Judean Desert.” Pages 49–87 in The Dead Sea Scrolls: Texts and Context. Edited by Charlotte Hempel. STDJ 90. Leiden: Brill.

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