Lev 23:40–44, 24:16–19

Name or Description

ArugLev frg. b–c

Alleged Provenance

“Small nearly inaccessible cave in Nahal Arugot … [in] the easternmost of a group of four small caves on the southern bank of the wadi, under the large waterfall (map ref. 18286/09708).” [Eshel et al. 2006, 55–56]


Listed by Emanuel Tov in his Revised Lists of the Texts from the Judaean Desert

Pp. 97, 126

Listed by Accordance

ArugLev fB+Ci:8–16 in DSSB-C and DSSB-M


Bedouins from the Rashaidah tribe ➤ Hanan Eshel (Feb 2005) → Israel Antiquities Authority

Asking price

$20,000 for ArugLev frg. a–d

Purchase Price Dealer/Seller ➤ Collector/Buyer

2005: $3000 for ArugLev frgs a-d Bedouin from the Rashaidah tribe ➤ Hanan Eshel


2 cols 9 + 5 lines

Measurements in cm

6 x 5.5


Eshel, Baruchi and Porat 2006

Frg. Part of a Ms Edition


Eshel, Hanan, Yosi Baruchi, and Roi Porat. 2006. “Fragments of a Leviticus Scroll (ArugLev) Found in the Judean Desert in 2004.” DSD 13: 55–60.

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