Ps 11:1–3

Name or Description

Alleged Provenance

“Through the generosity of two donors, the Ashland Theological Seminary has received a manuscript fragment on leather from the Dead Sea Scrolls . . . The fragment had been in a private collection and can be traced to the Kando family in Bethlehem . . .” [ATS 2005].

“. . . was purchased from the private collection of a European Roman Catholic priest” [Johnson 2007].


11Q7 (Psc) frg. 3b by Eshel and Eshel 2007, 276–77

Listed by Emanuel Tov in his Revised Lists of the Texts from the Judaean Desert

11Q7 (Psc) frg. 3b at p. 69

Listed by Accordance

11Q7 f3b:1–3 in DSSB-C and DSSB-M


William Kando ➤ Bruce Ferrini ➤ Ashland Theological Seminary (2004)

Asking price

Purchase Price Dealer/Seller ➤ Collector/Buyer



Measurements in cm


Frg. Part of a Ms Edition


ATS Koinonia. 2005, January. “ATS Acquires Artifacts,” 4.

Eshel, Esther and Hanan Eshel. 2007. “A Preliminary Report on Seven New Fragments from Qumran.” Meghillot 5–6: 271–78, at 276–77.

Johnson, Nick. 2007, 12 August. “Ancient items, modern wonder.” St.Petersburg Times.

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