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16. DSS F.151 (Unid) [earlier: DDS F.Exod1]

DSS F. No.

DSS F. Name
(Unid) [earlier: DDS F.Exod1]

Collection No.

Alleged Provenance
“Found at Qumran, on the Dead Sea, in Cave 4, some time between 1952 and 1956. The fragment itself dates between 150 BC - AD 68 (the Roman destruction of Qumran)” (cited in Davila 2009).

Michael R. Thompson — Lee Biondi ? Azusa Pacific University (Aug 2009)

Asking price
Feb 2009: $145,000 (Michael R. Thompson, Booksellers) [Davila 2009]

Purchase Price
Dealer/Seller ➤ Collector/Buyer
2009: $1,38 million (total price of fragments APU1–5) [Davis 2017, 237 n.22] William Kando — Lee Biondi ? Azusa Pacific University [Estrin 2013]


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