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55. DSS F.166 Dan2

DSS F. No.

DSS F. Name

Wrongly Identified as ([by])
Wrongly identified (and sold?) as 6QpapDan

Emanuel Tov, Revised Lists of the Texts from the Judaean Desert (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2010)
X24 (XpapDan) pp. 110, 129

William Kando ➤ Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Jan 2010)

Asking price
Feb 2009: $275,000 (Michael R. Thompson, Booksellers) []


Measurements in cm
2.5 x 6

Davis, Kipp. 2017. “Cave of Dispute: Patterns of Correspondence and Suspicion in the Post-2002 ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ Fragments.” DSD 24.2 (2017): 229–70.

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