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59. DSS F.165 Ps1

DSS F. No.

DSS F. Name

Name or Description
Patterson Fragment

Alleged Provenance
"... Zurich, Switzerland, where the scroll fragments had been kept for decades in a vault at the UBS Bank. ‘Old Man Kando,’ as I affectionately remember him, being a shrewd businessman, had known that the time for taking any artifacts out of the country was short. He thus took fragments of the scrolls in his possession out of the country before the enactment of laws that would have prevented any such movement" [Patterson 2011, 30].

William Kando ? Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (3 Sep 2010)

Purchase Price
Dealer/Seller ➤ Collector/Buyer
A gift from William Kando


Measurements in cm
2.9 x 2.6

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