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64. DSS F.123 Tob1

DSS F. No.

DSS F. Name

Collection No.
MS 5234

Wrongly Identified as ([by])
4Q196 (papTobita ar) frg. 18a (Hallermayer and Elgvin 2006) and thereafter 4Q196a (Elgvin 2012) (

Emanuel Tov, Revised Lists of the Texts from the Judaean Desert (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2010)
4Q196 (papTobita ar) (p. 35)

William Kando ➤ Schøyen Collection (2003)


Measurements in cm
6.8 x 2.2

Image 1
Colour (“high resolution”)

Hallermayer and Elgvin 2006

Davis, Kipp, Ira Rabin, Ines Feldman, Myriam Krutzsch, Hasia Rimon, Årstein Justnes, Torleif Elgvin and Michael Langlois. 2017. “Nine Dubious ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ Fragments from the Twenty-First Century.” DSD 24: 189–228.

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Hallermayer, Michaela, and Torleif Elgvin. 2006. “Schøyen ms. 5234: Ein neues Tobit-Fragment vom Toten Meer.” RevQ 22/87 (2006): 451–61.